Download/Backup Feature

Hi Reach team!

I recently thought of something : I have been using reach for a while now and now have quite a lot of important data stored into it. The thing is, its not (or far from entirely) backed up in anything else… I would love Reach to have a “Download-everything” (or even, for now, just to be able to download all files/images) feature so that I could make a backup folder of all my stuff and put it into a NAS/Cloud/Separate HDD. That would be really awesome!

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Hi Maxence,

Thank you for your feedback! We are thrilled to hear you are enjoying building your knowledge base on myReach!

Glad you ask :wink: We are currently working on an export functionality that would enable you to export selected workspaces and nodes.

Will make sure to keep you posted as soon as we have the export functionality ready for release

Thank you for your continuous support! If you have any further feedback or suggestions please do let us know!

Happy holidays and keep Reaching :wink:



Hi Christopher!

Thanks for your answer. Amazing!

Happy holidays,