Display of Usage in Profile area

First screen is great but I can see the vestige of an additional screen to the right. (I use myReach on a Mac running Safari.) Swiping is not an option and there are no directional arrows to switch screens.

If I grab the visible corner of the next window banner, I can pull it into view. This continues for several screens.

Dots to indicate number of screens? Down arrow in left sidebar to permit selections? Directional arrows? All possible and user-familiar solutions.

Ignore if this is already being addressed in the Mac native application under development. If you need more info or screen shots, just ask. :slight_smile:

Hi Julie!

Thanks for your feedback.

The current usage screen in the profile area is indeed optimised for Mobile UX. It works with a swipe motion, to change from one screen to the next (click and swipe on desktop, from anywhere within the top card).

We have already designed a new layout for Desktop, where all information is displayed in one screen with no arrows or swipes. We’re currently working on some major feature releases, but will see how to fit this into a future release!

Have a great day :slight_smile:

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