Designating workspaces On the iPad -

When using the share function on the iPad it would be good to able to designate which workspace one would like to share it to. Currently it seems that it saves it to the last used workspace. One then has to redesignate to which workspace one wants it to be in.

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Hi Jameson!

For the time being, the node gets saved to the last used workspace, and from there you can choose which workspace you want it to be in.

We’ve designed it like this in order to avoid adding another step every time you save something to myReach.

However, your feedback’s been added to our Revision Plan and we’ll consider it when we work on the optimisation of the creation.

It’s just that I noticed that when using the extension in FireFox on a pc one can choose the workspace and add tags - which is really handy. Being mainly a mobile user I only occasionally get onto a pc…
But I note what you are saying

Hi Jameson!
That’s right, on the Firefox and Chrome extension one can choose the workspace and tags when saving. On the phone for the moment it’s in “step 2” after the node has been saved, but we’ll review it with the team when we tackle the optimisation of the creation stage! Stay tuned!
Thanks again for your feedback :upside_down_face:

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Agreed, it would be better in step 1, offering by default the last workspaces being viewed or used, giving the opportunity to edit or agree right away. Thanks

Hi Nick,

Thank you for your input! We are currently working on a similar functionality, whereby users will be able to heavily customise the defaults in the app including their default workspace.

We should have this feature released and live before the end of the month!

Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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