Delete properties

I need to delete user created properties. I am sick of starting at duplicate properties.

Hi Benjamin,

We have been working on this and should have a first version ready for the next update, which will be next week. We’re doing a complete rework of the database so that all duplicate properties merge into one automatically. In addition, you will be able to delete any user-created properties. I will let you know once it’s available.


Hi Benjamin!

You might have seen it in today’s release email, but your feature request is now available in the App!

You can now permanently delete the properties you don’t want. You can also rename them or create default ones for specific node types, so that they appear automatically every time you create that specific type of node.

To delete a Property, go to Profile > Settings > Properties > Select the Properties you want to delete.

I hope you find this feature useful to declutter your list of Properties! :zap: