Current iOS design not supporting quick adding of note

I am not sure this is a feature request or feedback.

Currently when I am on iPhone (probably similar if I use an Android phone), if I try to add a note

I have to fill in the title, then click create, wait for the connectivity (around 5 seconds, I guess it can be longer when the connectivity is not great) , then go to the next screen of typing the details of the notes.

Personnally if I am on the road, I would not use myreach if I want to add some quick notes , just too much friction for my workflow

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback!

Absolutely, the creation of nodes (websites, notes, contacts, etc…) is is in fact the main aspect of the App we are working to improve!

We are currently working on improving both the interface of the creation flow – make it more seamless, as well as the time it takes to create a node. Here is a quick taster of what the new creation of notes might look like (still WIP).

The underlying issue concerning the time it takes to create a node is that since we are a PWA and not native, we currently wait for the node to be created in the various databases before allowing the user to continue. We are working on both creating the node in the background and parallelising some of the processes in order to make it seem “instantaneous”.

We are hoping to considerably improve this over the next coming weeks – will keep you posted once we have figured it out! :muscle: