Can local processing be the priority instead of remote server

it appears to me that every time I try to add a note, take a photo, etc , from my iPhone, the app has to connect to the server to process the data. This makes it very slow and could fail if I am in a bad connection area.

Would be great if the app can be designed in a such as way that the process is done locally first then upload to the server when connectivitity is good

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback and your continuous support!

Offering myReach offline is something that is high up on the roadmap but I’m afraid that due to the complexity that it entails, it’s not currently planned for the near future but for later on…

That being said, the other key issue you highlight in your comment – creation speed – is our number one priority!

As I briefly touch in an earlier post Current iOS design not supporting quick adding of note - #2 by reach we are working on dramatically changing the creation internally by making it in the background and parallelising some of the processes, making it seem “instantaneous”.

We hope to have this fixed and released as soon as possible!

Thank you for your continuous support!!