CSV upload is broken?

I’m just trying this out, but am stuck trying to import a csv file.

This page tells me to " Download and fill in the template CSV with your data.", but I don’t see anything to download.

So I click “Next” and see some instructions about how to format the file. Fab. But that’s the end of my journey. There is no next step that I can see.

Where do I click to progress the upload wizard? Is it a bug, or am I a dummy?


Hi Kerry,

Thank you for your feedback!

Looking back at the flow I can understand the confusion will make sure to tell the team to adjust the initial instructions to make it clearer.

When you click next and see the instructions, you have to “swipe” to the last page of the instructions where there you can download and upload the CSV with all of your data. If you are unable to “swipe” to the last page please let me know.

I assume you are doing the import from a desktop. I think the main issue has to do with the fact that the flow was designed for mobile use, not for desktop. We’ve seen that often in desktop the “swipe” to the next screen is not intuitive. We are currently working on adapting everything for desktop and will be releasing it little by little :slight_smile:

Hope that helps and thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:

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