Create Relationships Easily

Hi there,

As always, thanks for the awesome app!

One feature request I have would be the following: would it be possible to create relationships after doing a search? For example, at the moment, when I filter my modes and select them, it would be great to be able to create a new relationship based on the results of the search … at the moment, the only workaround I can find seems to be to select all but one of the nodes of the filtered results, go into the unselected node and create a new node choosing the other nodes …

Hi Warren,

Thanks for your kind words!

If I’ve understood your feature request correctly, it’s actually already possible to create relationships after doing a search. After filtering and selecting your nodes, you can go to “More” (the three dots on the bottom right of the screen) and “Connect to another node”. This creates a relationship between the selected nodes and the relevant node you choose. Does this solve what you wanted?

Have a great weekend!