Create a columnar table in a Note node?

Is this possible? It does not appear to be a formatting option and copy/paste does not produce useful results. Is there a workaround? I tried to copy and paste as graphic but it seems this, too, is not supported. Both of these would be appreciated. Please consider each as a feature request if that is appropriate.

Thanks, Julie

Hi @JulieI!

Thanks for your feedback!

At the moment columnar tables are not a formatting option in Notes. If you have a table as an image however, you could always add it as an attachment or within the text of the Note.

We’ve been prioritising the focus of the development on AI features, recommendations and certain integrations first. However, I’ll add this to the development roadmap to keep it in mind when working on Note nodes improvements and additional features.

Thanks! Keep reaching,


I agree that tables are a must for engineers, data scientists, etc.r/jt

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