Copying and pasting into a new note

On the Android app from the home screen I:
-Select +
-Type in the title of the note and then try to paste the content(I had copied from a source outside of myreach) into the body of the note and nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong as I have to ied this multiple times before a it rarely works.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your feedback.

Our tech team is looking into it. It seems to be a problem with the Android library. If you type something and don’t hit “enter” to add a new line, the library doesn’t detect that something new has been written.
I would suggest you try this (click “enter” after pasting the content) as a temporary fix while we work on a solution. Otherwise, you can always save websites, files and media using the “Share to” feature to save the entire source as a Node.

Hope this helps!

Have a great weekend,