Confused about tags

Hi. After saving a web link, the first thing I want to do is to add some tags to it. It’s a bit hard to find in the properties list, but I managed to add some tags. However, there’s no auto-complete for already added tags.
Then, I discovered that I could add new tags, for example topics, from the bottom bar. After adding a Motorcycle topic tag, I tried to put it on a Youtube video link that I saved before, but it’s not available in Properties/Tags. I can add a relationship to the tag/topic though.

To sum up, it seems there are 2 different things named tags, they work differently, and they don’t work together. That’s confusing, and that doesn’t allow me to quickly tag things.
Thank you

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Hi Bruno,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

You are absolutely right that is indeed confusing – to be completely honest with you it slipped through the cracks.

Previously you were able to add properties that were nodes (specifically tags) but based on user feedback we realized it was too confusing to mix the concept of “nodes” and “properties”, so we decided to remove that functionality.

That being said the property Tags somehow slipped through the cracks and remained – will make sure to correct it with the team to avoid the confusion.

There should only be one type of tags, nodes.

Thank you for your continuous feedback



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I appreciate the response Chris. So, I still need help. If I upload or find items, I still want to be able to tag it with a keyword so I can sort or search differently. Is there a way to do this? For example, I have many articles related to creating effective business models. I want to tag each of those articles with “business model”.

If tags aren’t a thing, is there another way to do this?


Hi Jean,

Thanks for your feedback.

Absolutely, you can create a Topic Tag called “Business Model” from the “create” or “+” button in the knowledge base.

You can then add a relationship between this Tag and any relevant articles, so you can search for all your data that’s connected to the Tag.

Here’s an example, how I created a Topic Tag caleld Business Model and connected it to three articles from my Workspace:

Hope this clears any doubts! Let me know if you have any further questions about Tags.

We’re also working on a set of tutorials and a detailed handbook, which will explain all the different features and functionalities of the App (including Tags, relationships, searching and more). Stay tuned!


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