Chrome Extension state

So far I have been loving everything about MyReach, but I can’t use the chrome extension, i tested it in Brave, Opera One and Vivaldi, when I hit the button to enable the extension the whole browser crashes. I do have a unique… on the larger side…. 1348 tabs open at all time but it did still crash on Opera One and Vivaldi with only a dozen tabs open.

I have a good cpu and 64 of ram, so it not hardware related

The extension has been updated and works perfectly now

Hey Aras!

Apologies for not having gotten back to you earlier on this! We’ve been working all weekend on getting the last fine tunes done on the extension and finally managed to get the new version published in both Chrome and Firefox!

There are some more exiting updates we will be releasing in the next coming week!

I am very glad to hear you’ve been enjoying your experience with myReach!

If you want to explore all the functionalities of the extension you can check out our tutorials. There are 3 short ones that explain all the core functionalities.

Look forward to hear your feedback!

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