ChatGPT search functionality

I am considering utilizing the services offered by other services, specifically their ChatGPT capabilities, for my uploaded content, as I have encountered limitations with myReach.

The current search functionality appears to be outdated, with limited capabilities that require manual linking of nodes and tedious manual processes to query my content. I am exploring alternative solutions that incorporate ChatGPT capabilities for enhanced functionality.

I am inquiring as to whether myReach has any plans to provide users with the ability to interact with their content in a user-friendly manner through the implementation of chat functionality.

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Hi Oscar,

You have actually hit the mark with your message :wink:

We are currently working on incorporating various Ai and GPT models into the product to improve the overall experience with myReach.

We are still in full development mode, testing and developing various solutions but to give you a hint as to what we are working on, the functionalities we are aiming to develop and release are the following :

1. Relationship Recommendations – as soon as you save something to myReach our AI would automatically recommend you relationships based on the content

2. Node Summary – generate short summaries of one or multiple articles. Imagine you save a long article and don’t have time to read it, our AI would generate a short summary that you can then convert into a note and build upon. More importantly, our objectives is for users to be able to select multiple nodes on a specific topic and generate a general summary. Say you are doing research on a topic and have saved 20 articles on that topic, rather than having to read through each of them, you would be able to select the 20 articles and generate a complete summary of the key takeaways of your research

3. Natural Search – This is our REAL target, the ability for user to search as they think their knowledge base.

4. Conversational Search – Building on the outcome of point 3, the next step would be a ChatGPT like experience where users would be able to converse with their “Second Brain” directly

Will keep you posted on the progress :muscle:


Hey Oscar,

Not sure if you noticed but we released a few months ago this exact functionality that you requested

Look forward to hear your thoughts on it

Keep Reaching


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