Change language specific Wikipedia

I am living in Germany and need default German Wikipedia

Hi Thomas thank you for your feedback and sincerest apologies for not having gotten back to you earlier :pray:t2: Your post slipped through the cracks.

We have set the Wikipedia language to be by default the language the user has set for the application.

Whilst we work on offering myReach in more languages, will make sure to add to our settings the ability to customize the language of Wikipedia.

Will keep you posted on the progress and when we expect to release it!

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Hi Thomas,

Apologies for not having notified you earlier but you feature request was released a few months ago! :smiley:

If you go to your profile by clicking on the bottom right –> Settings –> Tags –> Wikipedia Sync Options
You will be able to pick the default language for the wikipedia content.

Thank you for your patience and look forward to hear if you have any other ideas and feedback!


Christopher Payne