Catch the contents of the URL I save

Hope Myreach can catch the contents of the URL I save to prevent content loss when the pace was removed, also for searching all knowledge in one place.


Hi Oscar!

Our algorithms currently save the entire content of any page you save, to make it searchable for you in the App.

However, it doesn’t render the page. This means that when you click on “visit website” in the node, it opens that URL, but if it has changed or been deleted, you will see the new version. The content of the page will still be searchable in myReach, but you won’t be able to see the original page you saved in your web browser.

If you really want to access that page the way it was originally, we recommend you try Wayback Machine.

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Hello Sofia,
Got it. What is myReach can reserve the original and the updated version and make them related, which may be a useful use case for you to consider. Thanks.