Cannot log in iOS app using same password for web

I have successfully created my account and logged in via the web. I have saved my password on 1password app, I downloaded iOS app and installed on my iPad , tried to log in with the same password but App said wrong password,

I try using different browser and in incognito mode and checked that the log in details are correct

just an update, I have no choice but to reset my password. Once a new password is used, all devices were able to log in now.

Still does not understand why the initial password did not work

Hi Andrew,
Sorry to hear you’ve experienced this bug, it’s the first time we hear about it.
Our Developers are looking into it to understand its source and fix it.
Thanks for letting us know!

thanks, at least it is working for me

PS. I mentioned myReach to a number of people , they try to sign up but they said they could not due to system error…

see attached screenshot

Hi Andrew,

Thank you very much for informing us about the bug!

In this last release we did a lot of major improvements and it seems that a minor bug slipped through the cracks.

The bug is now FIXED and registration is working again!!!

Regarding the issue you had with the 1password app – we are still investigating what might have happened. As soon as we’ve figured it out, we will let you know.

Thanks again for your support!