Can Tags be auto-detected in uploaded Notes

I love this product and am considering migrating from Evernote. I have tons of existing notes. I wonder how to efficiently build the links on myReach.

For example, I have a lot of notes with the word “RiskArb” in it. If I create a Tag “RiskArb” first, then upload notes, can every word “RiskArb” be detected and marked as a “Mention Tag” automatically? :thinking:

Alternatively, what are the solutions?

It will be great if Tags could auto-appear as I type in a new note as well.

Thanks tons!

Hey @beaverlyhail888

Glad to hear your enjoying myReach!

With regards to your request, we have a recommendation engine that identifies the most relevant tags, contacts, locations and companies within the text of the node. In addition to that our recommendation engine does a semantic similarity with your existing knoweldge base to identify the most relevant recommendations.

Long story short, if RiskArb is a relevant existing node it will likely appear in the list of recommendations – this will however depend on the content of the node.

Hope that answers your question

Keep Reaching!