Bug regarding numbered lists

Hi Reach team,

Found out about what seems to be a little bug while creating numbered lists.

When you type a phrase, and then go back to the beginning of it and add a “1.” and press “space bar” the text disappears.

How to recreate said bug :

Step 1 : Write a random phrase : “This is a test phrase”

Step 2 : Go back to the beginning of the phrase with mouse, so before the “T” of “This”.

Step 3 : Add a “1.” before “This” (to create a list)

Step 4 : Press “Space bar”, the text disappears.

I hope that I’ve manage to explain this clearly, I could recreate the bug a couple of times.

Thanks and best regards!


Hi Maxence,

Thanks for your detailed explanation! I’ve spoken to our Development team and they’re currently working on fixing this bug. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s fixed!


Awesome! Always happy to help!

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