Book (Library/Workspace?) Scenario

I want to create a library of text resources. Books, PDFs, articles (journals or content links - see Note 1 below). I think I have successfully created a Book Tag template! Yippee!

Now, I want to (wish I could) enter a book title and rely on AI to suggest Author, ISBN, Price, & Description (Maybe others, but that’s a start.) Is this possible? It’s kinda like the Wikepedia link, which I don’t need. Can I change that to search Amazon or a publication database of some sort?

Note 1: I would like the option to pull complete content into myReach as a default, but with notification of changes. Is this possible? I need to be able to reference the original text/content that triggered a thought or line of inquiry. I do want to know about changes too. Revision history is critical in some instances and I need to know that it exists.



Hi Julie,

Apologies for not having answered sooner been all hands on deck on a new major feature we are working on.

With regards to your request, if I have understood correctly that would be the automated population of properties based on the content of an item – for example when you save a book in amazon automatically extracting the price and adding it as a property.

We currently have that feature in our roadmap but havent yet started working on it – will let you know as soon as we do

Thanks again for the suggestion

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