Auto workspaces/categories/tags

One thing that I would love as a preference is to be able to setup auto tagging and categorization of inputs. I want to quickly capture what I want, and would love to leverage AI to tag and categorize it. I know there is a button to suggest tags, however, I would love to automatically have a number of tags placed on a node on input. Also, along those lines, I would love to be able to have a defined set of categories or tags that it can automatically place on content, this can even be done for workspaces. If I define a series of tags/categories (Financial, Health, Gaming…) Then if I have a node incoming that fits into a broad list of tags/categories, it can automatically be placed on the node. This way I can have a series of consistent nodes that will help with viewing relationships.

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A simple work around for this could even be the ability to download all nodes… as a csv with relevant data, run them through our own open ai process and re-upload. Providing new tags/workspaces for all or a portion of nodes. It feels like the ability to easily extend information outside the program and re-upload would be useful. Possibly being able to see what information the AI learned.

Hi Pooya,

You have actually hit the mark with your points!

  1. The recommendation engine – we are currently fine tuning and polishing a brand new recommendation engine that will essentially do what your saying. Automatically suggest and create relationships to new or existing nodes whenever you save something into myReach.

  2. Import Database – we currently have an import database functionality in integrations that essentially allows you to create nodes, relationships and properties in bulk. We are equally looking to create some kind of export or backup functionality.

Will keep you psoted when our recommendation engine is live!!

Keep Reaching!