Auto Tag Notes as Rich Learns

It would be great if during the “learning” process Rich also tagged the Note with relevant tags

Hi @TheDavid,

If there are relevant tags, these are automatically linked in the Relationships tab. The :zap: next to any relationship indicates it was generated automatically.

On another note, next to the search bar there is also a :zap:. If you click on it you will see all the new Tag recommendations based on AI. There are 4 types:

  1. Node Similarity: our algorithm identifies the most semantically similar nodes. From these, it selects the most relevant relationships and offers them as recommendations, making them 100% tailored to you and your network.
  2. Locations, Contacts, Companies & Tags: the algorithm identifies the ones that best represent the node, from the extracted text. If these already exist in your network, they’ll automatically be linked and marked with a :zap:.
  3. Identified objects: When you upload an image, a description is automatically generated and the key relevant items in the picture are identified. Based on these, the most relevant Tags are recommended. This is useful for grouping similar concepts.
  4. Extracted URLs: myReach analyses the extracted text of the node for any website you save. It creates a relationship if it already exists in your network, or offers it to you as a recommendation to create.