Artificial Intelligence

I received a Push Notification hinting towards AI in myReach…
Just want to say, looking forward to seeing what you’re up to! There is so much already in the App, can’t imagine what AI will do to it! :star_struck:

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Thanks Teresa! Glad to hear you’re enjoying all the features and functionalities of the App.

This one’s exciting… Stay tuned for an email shortly!! :rocket:

I am using this new feature but facing a lot of problems. Like most of the file are showing learning failed or learning.
There are few file which showing status as learned but when i try to ask questions related to that file the ai is unable to answer anything and just keep rotating icon

Hi Anand,

Thanks for bringing up the issues you’re experiencing with Rich.

The chat is still in early Beta stage, which is why you might be encountering bugs.

Actually, we haven’t yet officially launched the feature - we have only given access to a select group of random users so that we can keep testing and improving it a little longer. It will be released to everybody soon, but for now it is still in Beta and hasn’t yet been communicated.

For this reason, we appreciate any feedback we can get from users who have access to it and are trying it out. If you come across any further bugs, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We’re working on big advancements and improvements to the chat - stay tuned!