App restarting after try to login which fails

I have entered my login account but the app can’t start or couldn’t login and is restarting.
I have already re-installed but it does not work.
Any help here?

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for reporting the issue you’ve experienced with the login. It’s the first time we hear about this.

We’ve checked for any bugs or temporary issues but everything seems to be working fine.

Are you able to login through desktop? And is the App working now or are you still unable to login? It could be a problem with your phone or with Apple.

Thanks for your feedback!


Hi Sophia,

I started the some hours later, and I can login.
I think the was a cache problem. I don’t know.

Thank you :pray:

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That’s great news!
Yes, sounds like a cache problem. Glad you got it working again :slight_smile: