AI Chat problems

short question regarding chat feature - I have a note (in german) which describes a surgery I had between november and december 2022.
When I ask the chat “summarize the surgery of 2022” it says it cant find anything.
Is it because its in german? or because it cant actually do this yet? It works for some notes but more like 80/20.
I tried it in english as well same issue.

Hey Robin!

As you know LLM are sometimes a bit tricky… the quality of the answer it gives will essentially depend on the quality of the prompt you give it… the more detailed the question, the better it is at giving you an answer. This is especially true when you have huge workspaces with hundreds or thousands of nodes.

What I recommend you to do if it can’t initially answer is to ask the question again with more details – for example what was the surgery about.

Seperately if you click on the response or on the icon underneath it (depends if you are in Mobile or Desktop) you will see all the nodes and pieces of text it used to generate the answer.

Hope that helps

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Christopher Payne