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Not sure if this is already part of the roadmap, but it would be really useful to do a mass import of bookmarks/favourites from browsers (firefox & chrome), or even RSS and podcast feeds. Just a thought!

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Thanks for the comment! Indeed that is already live in the application :wink:
You can import your bookmarks through our Chrome or Firefox extension.

  1. Go to settings at the bottom and import bookmarks
  2. Chose which bookmarks you want to import
  3. Chose which workspace you want to import them into
  4. All folders will be converted into Subjects and linked to the relevant websites

You can download the extensions here
Chrome : myReach Web Clipper - Chrome Web Store

Firefox : myReach Web Clipper – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Just found the extention and this good news. I was hoping for some capability to do bulk import and batch relationship building. This is a start, thanks!

I notice the screen shots for the extensions show a desktop configuration for Reach that looks much better than anything I am using at the moment. Can you tell me how to implement these views ?

Also- FYI the web-clipper plug-in is not pulling the available workspace names from my account so new site links are saved to an unlabled workspace you need to reassign them in the app.

Hi Sixdof thank you for your kind words for the desktop version! :slight_smile:

Regarding the web clipper thank you for pointing out the bug with the Workspaces it had slipped through the cracks in our latest release!

We have fixed the bug, if you update the plugin you should be able to see all your workspaces. If you keep having issues please do let us know!

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Not sure if it just me, the bookmark import on firefox does not seem to be working. it just redirects me to this page everytime

Hi Subbu,

I have answered to you in the other post you wrote, here:

Let me know if you have any further issues.


Hey Folks…

Where is the support for Safari? It is the 2nd most used browser, according to international statistics. I use multiple browsers but the information in, and utility of, Safari is integral to my workflow.

Thanks, JI

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